Values and organization 9.0

Organization 9.0 stands for the integral view and centers the people with their values, skills and competences. The corporate sense and a new way of leadership create a vital environment and enable inspiring working. 


The further development in an organization always starts with the action guiding values of the leaders / owners.


An excellent tool for understanding and analysing the driving values of people, teams and oragnisations is the "9Level Value System Analysis".

We at TheMove are 9Levels certified.

  • Values shape the corporate culture
  • Values drive people
  • Values give orientation
  • Values are the basis for any evaluation. What is perceived as right and what as wrong?
  • Values indicate how we think and what are our inner beliefs
  • Values decide about our actions. Why am I doing this?
  • Fulfilled values make us happy and successfull.

The „9 Levels of Value Systems®“ make beliefs and organisational principals visible and measurable. Values can be adapted and further developed -scientifically proven as well as successfully implemented.


The fields of application of 9Levels value analysis are:

Personal Value System Analyse is perfect for a successful personal development and individualized coaching.


It is perfectly used for individual coaching, outplacement, recruiting, assessment center, career planning, leadership coaching.

Group Value System for team development and team coaching.


It is perfectly used for indivualized team development, team coaching, leadership development, sales optimization, process optimization.

Organisation Value System for the development of organisations and further development of corporate cultures.


It is perfectly used for further development of corporate cultures, inter-team cooperation optimization, organisational development and change management.

Why organization 9.0?

Very simple: because success is only in this form any longer possible and because frame conditions have changed dramatically: 

  1. Trend towards Automatization of management tasks - e.g in form of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  2. Speed
    The average person in the western world processes five times more data than 15 years ago. The ability to be creative and take business decisions in extremely short time relatively to the tsunami of external information, is crucial. 
  3. Findings in research on intuition:
    The overestimation of analytical facts in organizations, this means decisions based purely on reproducible reasons, leads to the fact that many people live in a cage of fear and apprehension. This implies that always more leaders try to secure their decisions from "outside facts & studies". This leads to poor solutions, high costs and postponement of problems.
  4. New values:
    The values currently develop & change more fast and more extensive than ever before.  This change concerns all people, partnerships, organizations, countries and politicians. 

If you ask yourself one or more of the following questions, you are ready for the organization 9.0:

  1. How shall I design the constant change in my organization? How can I succeed that all my people follow me and the next change(s) that I will initiate? So that they all follow me, with passion and joy?
  2. How shall I master always more complex tasks with always fewer people?
  3. What can I do against the loss of trust?
  4. Who do I master negative emotions and violations?
  5. What is there beyond planning, strategies, budgeting and control?

Leadership of the future

  „Organizations can either act based on the fear of their ego or on the love of their soul."  Richard Barrett 



This is the reason why it starts with the leaders. 


The top leadership team and the owners life and understand the integral approach.  Their core tasks are not traditional management  tasks but to create space and keep the energy.  


As your co-creator on the way to organization 9.0 we follow you on this path. We offer the following services: 

  • Coaching with owners / Executives - what is needed that. 
  • Discovery / development of corporate sense and higher purpose 
  • Coherent development of corporate culture and organisational forms  
  • „Cultural Seeding“ - an efficient approach for sustainable planting of the corporate culture together with the leadership team
  • Sales development  based on values and strategy.  
  • Technology development based on values, purpose and vision.

Four main pillars

„Everybody can learn from past experiences. Today, it is all about to learn from future experiences.“ Hermann Kahn


This is the reason why organization  9.0 is based on four main pillars. 

  1. Trust & Wholeness:
    A working environment with trust. This is the seed for growth.
  2. Responsibility & Change:
    We cannot control our results but our actions.  Our decisions today decide about our future experiences. 
  3. Consciousness & Emotions:
    The thoughts of today arise from our past experiences. We are conscious about what we think and speak because it heavily influences our future.  
  4. Purpose:
    Each organization needs an answer for the question "why do we do what we do".  


"Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders." Richard Barrett