Our Services

Consulting & Technology

The following organizations co-work with us ..….

  • those who are willing to strike new paths 
  • those who are eager to get innovations into this world and  focus on the people
  • those who professionalize their internationalization and trust on our expertise in this field  
  • those who search for support for the foundation of a new company or  setting up joint ventures between Asia - Europe - Americas 
  • organizations such as start up’s, small and medium sized companies, stock listed enterprises in B2B as well as civil services  


We go along with you …

  • on your path to the integral organization with corporate sense & values and integral leadership approach 
  • in  your discovery of new strategic business potentials, always  keeping in focus your customers and their needs   
  • during your internationalization and set up of new sales channels or adapting the existing ones
  • for the set up of total new technology  areas
  • for  identifying and solving blockades between teams and people 
  • for coaching and co-working with your leaders 


Executive Coaching

...for executive leaders, owners, start up founders


Managers are responsible for results and profits.  The higher the position, the bigger the consequences of their decisions.  The higher the position, the more isolated the human being in the system. 


What differentiates successful from average organizations?   Courageous, self-centered leaders who shape together with the people and with passion the future of the organization.  


Leadership starts within you. It is all about your action guiding values . Conscious leadership depends on self reflexion and feedback. 


We offer you coaching to.... 

  • your action guiding values shaping your potentials and leadership qualities   
  • your personal patterns in a highly demanding environment  as well as with structural and / or personell changes 
  • your inner balance  
  • your conflicts / crises  

Together we define the coaching topics.  We take care that you get feedback in a trustful environment.  As an outcome,  relief, clarity and new impulses to your topics will develop. 


We offer  executive coaching in german and english, worldwide.  

Key Notes & Co-Working

We offer a big range of key notes and workshops  (from 1 hour up to several days)  that inspire, open and experimentalize. 


We customize our key notes & workshops to your needs and wishes . 


Our portfolio reflects our long experience as leaders in global sales and R&D in a tech group:

  • Intuitive Leadership
  • Company of the future 
  • Disruptive technology

We offer our key notes and co-workings in german and english, worldwide.