The „Weib“ of the 21st century and mind hygiene

We know them, the „Weiber“ of the 21st century. Those women, who are loyal to their heart with passion, love and dedication. In all aspects of their life: partnership, children, parents, profession - and very much its vocation. We have these women in our neighborhood. We meet them sometimes when we travel, and we recognize them because we say to ourselves: „wow, she is so radiant“ or „wow, she is so courageous“.


Never ever before in history it was so easy to be a „Weib“ und still we have troubles to live it. We have access 7x24h to education, child care, networks, mobility. We can do everything and yet we don’t do it. We are surrounded by abundance and yet we are hesitant. We can enjoy without limits and yet have a bad conscience. We can express ourselves on- and offline and yet we behave and communicate rather similar like our mothers.


If we have access to so much, what prevents us to reach out for it? In my experience, rather often we take over unconsciously thoughts and mind constructs from others, usually from our parents or grandparents.


Every day we have enough time for our body hygiene. We take a shower every day. We care for our body, we keep it clean and neat - more than that, we pamper our body. My question to you: what if we would clean our mind & thought constructs in the same way as we do with our physical body?


What is mind hygiene and why is it important for me?

The real important things in life are totally easy (because they are so important): I care for what I think, what comes out of my mind. Because they shape my feelings and hence my activities. In average, we have 60.000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are the same as the day before. For me is most important: I allow as little negative thoughts as possible to enter in my brain. And if it happens, I change them afterwards .


How to do mind hygiene?

First: I write a diary about my thoughts and feelings. I write down my feelings. If some of my feelings were negative, I write down the thoughts I had BEFORE - this means I write down what triggered the negative feelings. By doing so, I have a summary. If more than 10% of my thoughts are negative and „energy hijacker“ then I realize that I - selfimposed - make my life difficult. And then I accept my negative thoughts and ask for forgiveness. By doing so, I heal them and I remove the heaviness and darkness in me.


Second: If negative thoughts appear, I turn them into positive ones. An example: " this idiot takes away my parking lot“ I replace with „Thank you my dear. You help me to walk some steps“.


Third: My mind is a muscle and needs training like my body. That’s why I train point one and point two every day.


Four: I imagine that my mind is my garden. In my real garden I would never allow weed and whistles, never ever. And the same applies to my mind. In my „mind-garden“ I allow only fragrant roses and colorful flowers, growing on succulent green grass.


I am so happy if you share my „mind garden“ with your friends!

If you have questions, please send me an email.


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