"Weiber-Wirtschaft" / "Women's Business"

When roughly 94% of Fortune 1000 chief executive officers (CEOs) are men, what qualities drive the 6% who are women to the most elite reaches of corporate leadership? To find out, the Korn Ferry Institute studied 57 women who have been CEO at Fortune 1000-listed companies and others of similar size. Here is the result - I invite both women and men to join!

Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old young girl from Sweden currently shows the world what true leadership is about : being brave and clear.

Once daily these „Weiber“ from Eastern Tibet are doing their „soul hygiene“. They walk every day the holy kora around the buddhist monasteries in their village, a path that is approximately 3km long and leads them along 4 monasteries and some stupas. They need between 30 minutes and 2 hours - depending on how much they have to laugh, cry, pray, forgive or accept. The kora stands in tibetian buddhism for the ritual of surrounding a holy place. In that part of our earth, the women take...

What is the difference if I perceive myself as a woman or a „Weib“? And has this an influence on my leadership style and my success? And why is Shakti part of it?

We know them, the „Weiber“ of the 21st century. Those women, who are loyal to their heart with passion, love and dedication. In all aspects of their life: partnership, children, parents, profession - and very much its vocation. We have these women in our neighborhood. We meet them sometimes when we travel, and we recognize them because we say to ourselves: „wow, she is so radiant“ or „wow, she is so courageous“.

Dear Women, heartly welcome to my blog „Weiber-Wirtschaft“. Yes, you have read it correctly. It is all about „Weiber / women“. It is about women in leadership.