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Dear Women,


heartly welcome to my blog „Weiber-Wirtschaft“. Yes, you have read it correctly. It is all about „Weiber / women“. It is about women in leadership.


The Austrians and Germans have a great word for a special type of women - the so called „Weiber“. The „Weiber“ are women who are full of power and enjoy fully being a woman, and live the female qualities. For me, these „Weiber“ are great leaders.


My blog „Weiber-Wirtschaft“ (women’s business) is for all women (and men) who want to further grow in their mastery of leadership.


To inspire.

To share experiences.

Modern „Weiber“.

„Weiber“ of the 21st century.


Weib“. I totally denied this word until recently. I connected it with cooking, kitchen, children, being bored and be thick. It was awkward. I was something, that I never wanted to be. And I definitely never ever wanted to have this title „Weib“ in the context of leadership.


This was once upon a time. Today I see it differently. I was in Crete, Greece, together with seven women. I have not known them before but they together with Hermann, our 80-year old guide, turned around my view on this topic. On the way to a great old chapel in Crete. Hermann was the only man allowed in this week in our group. And he dared to call us „Weiber“. He just did it. I was shocked. I was more than shocked, I was angry, mad, furious. He really dared to call us „Weiber“. And he transformed on that evening my own view of being a woman, a woman in business, a female leader and boss. I thank you Hermann so deeply.


Because today I am a „Weib“ in business. I have worked for many years a sales director for Asia and Americas in a global technological company, lately as General Manager in China. Today I have my own company with my partner Heinz Hackl. Together we consult and guide organizations on their way to organization 9.0. I see myself as a guide and inspirational coach for leaders.


My heart burns for „Weiber-Wirtschaft“: women in full power and passion for leadership. We can have such a big impact. Much more than we can imagine today.


Be part of it!

Be part of this movement and be TheMove!


Contact us: 
it is time that we connect, exchange, motivate, learn from each other.


Here on my blog you can share your questions, sorrows, fears, joy, tears, etc.

I answer and support with my know-how and my long experience as „Weib in der Wirtschaft“, as a leader.

And I am very happy if you share my blog with your friends and „Weiber“!

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