The way we work makes people sick

Copyright: Pixabay- thank you
Copyright: Pixabay- thank you

Two recent studies have drawn our attention - their results we briefly want to share with you. Part 1.


The way we work makes people sick. More people are suffering burnout symptoms.


Recent research by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) found a growing number of employees experience burnout symptoms. In 2011 that percentage was already high at 11%, but by 2017 the number had increased to a staggering 16%. The cost to the Dutch economy? €8.7 billion per year.


According to this study one of the main reasons for this is that people have less autonomoy. More feel they have too little control over their work. Apparently, organizations are getting worse at giving people freedom and autonomy. It seems we’re going back in time –to the industrial era where people were told what to do – day-in, day-out.


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